How To Tell If He’s Well Endowed Before Meeting?

For those of us that feels that cock size matters when choosing a lover, I’m here to help.  How many times have you matched with a man but wondered If the both of you will be sexually compatible, but felt awkward In asking him what he Is working with under those “Seven For All Mankind jeans?” To cut down on time-wasting and hurt feelings, these are some of the things I do with all of my matches to filter out disappointment.

As soon as you’ve exchanged pleasantries on whichever  dating site you’re using, immediately move the conversation to Kik or some other video chatting messenger service you prefer.  If you both have nothing to hide, this should be a non issue. Nine times out of ten, the man initiates flirting and begins requesting sexy pics.  This Is where In a subtle way I’d reassure him that he may show me anything he thinks that I need to see.  The majority of men (in my experience) begin sending pics and videos at this point In the hopes that they’ll get explicit pictures/videos of me.  Personally I have no issue with showing off for a potential lover.  I want both of us to be happy with each others bodies.  This a purely sexual relationship after all.

Judging size from videos and pics can be a bit tricky and lets face It, some of you gents deal In “internet inches”.  My advice is to pay very close attention to those pics from these wonderful exhibitionists.  If he is sitting upright nude with a full erection, look to see how close the tip of his cock Is to his bellybutton. For me, anything at or above the bellybutton Is ideal. For girth, watch how he is stroking his cock.  Is he using a clenched fist? Is the tip of the index finger and thumb struggling to   encircle it? Could he easily use both hands to stroke his erection? Also tried and true ( If he’s an Xfinity subscriber) have him pose his erect cock with the remote control at the base.

**Xfinity remote control Is eight inches long.


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