Typical Night With Shane-Pleasure and Pain during sex

I  do enjoy a bit of pain during sex, but only with trusted lovers.    No whips, chains and dungeons for me, oh no.  I like hands. I want to feel your hands.  I like hearing the sound of your hands slapping my ass while you drill me from behind.  When you grab me by the throat and throw me on the bed. Or when I’m on my knees blowing you while you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, you pulling up my dress exposing my ass, spanking me really hard until I tear up. As you can tell, tonight I’m going to write about the typical night with Shane. Pleasure and pain during sex.

He calls me “Momma” or “Pretty Momma”. He loves to send “Momma” home to her husband with bruises and no panties on.

Shane brings me home, usually late at night . I open the front door, go straight upstairs to the master bedroom, where the lights are always on with hubby in bed, wide awake waiting up for me because he cannot sleep unless everyone Is home safe. He asks: “Babe”, did you have a good time?” I reply:” definitely.  I then throw my arms around him and give him a kiss, then strip down and head to the shower. I usually take long, steamy hot showers so I can replay the whole evening In my head and stay in trance just a bit longer. My whole body Is sore, usually lasting for a few days. When the soreness begins to wear off , I’ll go out again for more.

*For more on Shane and I, click  here

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