Managing Time Wisely

I honestly need to clean up my FreeTone and Kik apps. Although many of the men who messaged me are fun and flirty, my time Is honestly limited. Going forward, unless they really ring my bell and mentally connect, I’m going to have to turn off notifications  and block them.

I need to fight the urge to swipe right , especially If my inbox is already flooded. In an ideal world, Dating websites would have better filters so  that It wouldn’t take so much time to find what I’m looking for.  I’ve figured out that I have time for two-three lovers, currently I only have one, but honestly  I need more than once per week and that’s all he has time for.

I’ve begun directing men to this blog.  It’s beginning to filter quite a bit and I feel like I’m onto something here.  I wonder if I should link this blog to all of my profiles? Is that even allowed? Think how much excitement I would feel if when my phone is buzzing or I have a ton of notifications , the majority of them are from men who understand my wants and are physically attractive to me. Lol, I’d  be even more terrible at budgeting my time let me not kid myself.


5 thoughts on “Managing Time Wisely

  1. Why not link it to your profiles? It gives them an idea of what you want and what you’re looking for. Like you said, it probably weeds them out.

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