Goodbye Shane

Sometimes we’d make plans to meet up, she’d all of a sudden have some sort of emotional upset and needed him to comfort her. She constantly needs reassurance that he loves her and she’s Is number one. It’s always something or another with Shane’s primary partner .

When we first began seeing each other, we were both on that new relationship high where we couldn’t get enough of each other .  I asked him over and over if he was sure that his partner was ok with all of the attention he was giving me.  He swore that everything was fine at home.  To be honest, I didn’t believe him but chose to ignore my intuition and continued seeing him.

There were times we would meet up and he’d constantly watch the clock. He had this nervous energy about him.  It’s as though he was sneaking out to be with me. I asked him about his skittish behavior and he told me that work and his in-laws were wearing on him and  apologized for acting strange.The last time we were together, he couldn’t maintain an erection.  He laughed It off and told me his partner got to him right before he met up with me and needed some time to recover.  I was upset and told him I had to get back to work an ended our date.

Why was I so upset? 

I was upset because I believed that she sent him to me this way out of spite and jealousy and purposely sabotaged our date. I’m so over these two. I don’t want the added stress in my life.

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