Summer Vacation-I Call Him Daddy

He’s strong, hot and the complete opposite of shy with the right dose of kink.  I didn’t connect with him on a dating site or any of my usual ways.  He actually found me in a Kik group I was a member of a few months ago. I asked him his name, he replied: “my buddies call me Brian, but I want you to call me “Daddy”. Without hesitation, I called him Daddy ( I also call him Daddy because it turns me on).

 I told him I’m married, he replied: “I like taken girls“. I asked for a cock pic and playfully asked If he was scared. He sends me one immediately and replied: ” Who’s scared? Let me begin by saying he has nothing to fear In that department, Daddy is physical perfection.  He is handsome! Deep voice,  6ft 4 and jacked. He has the most gorgeous red hair (and a 10inch monster).

Xfinity Remote Test Not Needed

That monster Is a sight to behold.  It passed all of my cock judging tips with flying colors. Matter of fact, I never needed to ask for specific poses to prove that he was being truthful. I was in awe the first time I saw it.  Daddy Is very proud of his monster and likes It worshipped verbally and physically. 

His Commands

“Baby, I want to see you right now”! or “Show off for Daddy”. I get those messages from him often and like a giddy school girl, I’d stop whatever I’m doing and either send him a video or pic of myself. Sometimes It’s of me still In bed, or I maybe doing some work in my home office and Daddy just sends me a message wanting to watch my tits bounce.  It’s a nice sexy distraction so I’m happy to indulge him.

I’ll tell him of potential lovers or lovers I’ve seen and his most frequently asked questions are: “His he as big as Daddy ?” or “Are you getting good dick regularly”? He likes when I tell him everything.

Oh, I so wish we lived closer together. I do have some free time coming up this summer and he’s actually helping me plan a getaway around his town.

I’m actually a bit nervous writing about someone who reads my posts often and now will be reading my intimate thoughts about him. On the other hand, me being so candid In my posts gives him all the clues to properly ring my bell, this could actually enhance the experience.


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