A Night With A Sexy Latin Lover

Can you picture this? If Rico Suave (Gerardo) and Prince were to create a love child, that’s what “Latin Lover” looks like. Long dark curly hair ( with tons of mousse and hairspray) and olive skin color. He lines his eyes much better than I do mine and dresses very trendy.   Somehow he seemed taller when we video chatted (He’s also two inches shorter than I am). Very fit, but on the skinny side.  When I matched with him on Tinder, I thought to myself ” I’m going to totally reawaken my high school fantasy of fucking Prince” ( yes, I was a naughty girl back then too). A night with this sexy Latin lover really excited me.

He is a strange one and that’s saying a lot coming from me. LL often timeless refers to himself in the third person and never answers a simple question with a simple answer. I’ll give you an example.  I asked him where he was from, his response: “Earth, but this cock Is Brazilian”. I thought to myself, this guy Is either some kind of porn star or stripper.  He just gives off that vibe although he never confirmed this with me.

We went out for drinks to test the chemistry In person.  He was every bit the consummate gentleman. Very attentive to my wants and needs.  He’s all about romance and a very skilled lover.  Even though  I enjoyed spending time with him, I felt the need to constantly fix my makeup and was afraid to wrinkle his perfectly ironed shirt.  He asked me to see him again when he comes back to my city In three month’s and I promised him that I would.

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