The Perfect Bull For Me

Even though, I’ve been in this lifestyle for years, I’m not necessarily comfortable with calling my lovers “Bulls”.  Heck, I never knew that’s what they were called until doing some online research a couple of years ago.  Although “Bull” Isn’t necessarily my favorite word, It certainly fits the description of what  I need.

I wish that a more mainstream dating app or social media existed for people like me.  A few friends have suggested that I should stop  wishing  and create my own.  I’m seriously thinking of It. I know that the need Is there because of all the Kik groups I’ve been a member of at one time or another.

What type of bull Is perfect for me?

He should be adventurous, openminded,  non- possessive, good sense of humor, nice cock that stays hard (even with a condom on),great stamina, fit and stable.

I prefer him to be  local, but I’m willing to travel If we have an amazing connection. Ahh yes, I like them young too (under 35). Twenty years old Is  my minimum but I’ve been chatting with some nineteen year olds that are trying to get me to rethink that.

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