Sex On The First Date?

I was asleep when the email notifications on my phone startled me . I reached over to my nightstand, grabbed my phone to sleepily check my messages and emails. Just another morning, nothing exciting or new but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Predictably boring days are actually quite comforting to me.

I scrolled through emails for what felt like a few seconds, Then I found an email notification from tinder. It was one of those tindet articles that I get every now and then. This most current one Is called:”In Defense Of Sex On The First Date” by Kristin Collins Jackson. I’ve never met or spoken to the author of this article, but her views certainly resonated with me.

In my view, Kristin Is a modern sex-positive woman (just like Amber Rose) who isn’t succumbing to slut-shaming or any of those antiquated views about female sexuality.

I’m tired of the judgements and bullshit standards that are meant to keep us in our place and living with bad sex, just so that we can be respectable women deserving of partners or husbands.

I’m all for sex on the first date if we’re both horny. Like Kristen, I’m neither insecure, disrespectful to my body, easy or a woman of low standards. I’m simply a free spirited woman who doesn’t feel the need to play silly dating games. If the chemistry Is good, I don’t feel the need to wait. Actually, I prefer to find out if there is sexual compatibility straight away before investing time in getting to know a new man.

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