Back In Maryland-Planning The Next Adventure


It’s been three weeks since my time at the Jersey Shore. I had such a nice time there and cannot wait to return. I haven’t written in this blog for a while but it’s because I’m working on perfecting my selfies on Instagram, while back in Maryland and planning the next adventure.  I’m taking kissing and telling in this blog to another level.

I want pictures of these gorgeous men to go along with my blog entries and Instagram  (Photoshopping tattoos and concealing identifying marks, scars, etc. are all fine with me by the way. )I’m putting it out there in the universe that along with good looks and a nice cock, I think an exhibitionist type would be such fun and a turn on (Long hair, muscles, tattoos make me weak too). 

Years ago I had such a playmate. He was comfortable at nude beaches and public play though at the time I wasn’t ready for that. “Carlo” reminds me of that period in my life.  Time with him almost feels like I’m waking up in the middle of an amazing dream, given the opportunity to go back to sleep and picking up where I left off.

Planning the next adventure, more to come…

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