I’m Not A Teacher

I lack patience and desire to teach an inexperienced lover anything.  This may sound selfish, but I’m being honest.  Giving you instructions on how to kiss or touch me will take the fun out of It.  Being with you felt like a job and when hobbies begin to feel like work, I quit them.  I like you as a person and think you’re very good looking but you didn’t make me cum and I’m not going to pretend you did to make you feel good.  That would be wrong, leading you to continue with your awkward kissing and touching with others.

I wish you hadn’t lied to me and told me that you’ve been with a lot of women, I would have avoided you. No way in hell you have the experience you claim. You had no clue where my clitoris was!

I remembered this scenario because of watching “90 Day Fiance The Other Way”.  In this particular episode, Laura a woman in her fifties married a very handsome and fit man in his late twenties name Aladin who is from Tunisia but lives in Qatar for work. Looking at him, one would think he’d be amazing in bed but Laura let it be known to the world that Aladin lasts only two minutes in bed and doesn’t do it for her sexually.  She thought bringing sex toy with her on her move to Qatar to be with him would spice things up but she was wrong.  He took the introduction of a vibrator by her as a threat to his manhood.

My advice to laura is to pack up her bags and move back to the USA.  In my opinion, any man that’s against sex toys isn’t going to be open sexually and will be a bore in bed. Aladin is very nice to look at but you will be miserable and end up becoming an unofficial hotwife;)


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