It’s Official, I’m Verified On Pornhub!

I’ve been a proud deviant for many years but never did it occur to me to get verified on Pornhub. I never felt it necessary since a simple google search yields me a ton of free porn, enough to keep me happy for days really.

It’s Actually A Community

In keeping with my style of mixing business with pleasure I’m verified on Pornhub to connect with other openminded people for fun and a bit of exposure.

Little did I know that it was an online community of sorts and the option to submit videos is available. I actually am going to try contributing videos to this community . A topless picture of myself is already posted just to see what would happen. I couldn’t resist, lol.

Taking Back What I’ve Said In The Past.

I know I’m going back on what I said in this blog about rolling a camera while fucking. I feel with the right “costar” I could get into letting the camera into my bedroom. The thought actually excites me. I literally watched twelve clips on the first day of opening my own account .

Much like youtube, I learned a lot from watching people’s styles. Some were shot using a mobile phones and not the best lighting while others spent time, effort and money to produce quality content.

Another bonus of becoming a verified member of is that it’s just as good as a dating website if you’re smart about it. Since my beloved KIK is getting shut down, I need a new home anyway.

In writing this post, another Idea just came to me! The blue check mark on my pornhub profile is just as good as the much sought after blue check marks on mainstream social media platforms! In other words, you know I’m verified and real.

I’d like to grow my subscribers on my new pornhub account, so go ahead and follow me;)

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