POV Porn Training

Why I used to  freeze up when that camera was pointed at my pussy?

Mac and I are going at it hot and heavy, even somewhat primal. He then gets the phone and opens up the camera. Suddenly I’d suddenly freeze up.  I never understood why . I’ve done erotic photoshoots, dirty talk and can easily write about sex. Somehow pointing that camera to my pussy, made me suddenly feel unsexy and freeze up. We both realized that we had to take a bit of time to work on my nervousness and do a bit of “POV training”.

This afternoon, I had a wonderful long chat with my first husband (I’ve been married twice).  We reminisced about giving birth to our first child almost 20 years ago. Immediately, it all made perfect sense to me.

The spotlight and focus on my crotch area made me feel like a lab rat. The environment was cold and sterile. I was scared of what this child was going to do to my pussy and 4-6 people were in the room, including first husband who assisted me in holding my legs back to push.

Somehow, pointing that camera with lights, focusing on that area temporarily brought back the same feelings I’ve had in the hospital delivery room.

How did we overcome my nervousness and finally get that POV Shot?

The POV training recently improved! Both of us upgraded our phones and began using normal room lights. Mac also begins by whispering sexy words of encouragement before grabbing the phone to film.  He would say things like: ” Oh my God , look at that pretty pussy” , then tells me how wet I’m getting and how good he feels being inside me.  To my surprise, I got into it and we have our first POV shot. I’ve posted it on my OnlyFans and the longer version in my clips4sale store.

So Mr. Valentine, Incase I’ve forgotten to tell you, you’re awesome and thanks for the POV Training.