Viv and Valentine- Chaturbate Live Sex Show

What prompted our first livestream?

We both have our individual chaturbate accounts and planned to stream together sometime. laying in bed together at his place , I suggested that we both submit joint verification information Incase it took awhile for approval.

To our surprise, the approval was within an hr or two so we went ahead with the live broadcast .

What was it like having sex In front of hundreds of people?

During our first Chaturbate live sex show , I felt a bit nervous but also a thrill that I’ve never experienced before. The nervousness was simply the result of trying something new. I had no idea what to expect.

I got over the nervousness very quickly when Mac gave me the look and whisper that he wanted a blowjob. Somehow, I forgot about the audience when he was in my mouth because I was focused on pleasing him.

After he had gotten rock hard he got behind me and we started fucking doggystyle. I looked up for a brief second and saw the chat room filling up , I felt myself getting wetter and more excited!

Mac was being the moderator and chatting with the audience. People were mostly saying that we were a sexy couple, they loved my titts (he would reply β€œ I do too”) . He showed me off in a sexy way, letting the audience know how good my pussy felt .

In that moment, I felt like his personal pornstar and him my stag. Mac was sharing me in a chat room filled with hundreds of men and I lived every minute of it. I can’t wait until next Tuesday morning, at 8am !