36h Holy Melons!

So much has happened over the course of a few months with me.  Where do I begin this entry ? My impending divorce? Moving to NYC? Bigger boobs?  The first two changes I’ve already mentally processed, but I was unprepared for the change that my body is currently experiencing!

Bra Size 36H

Holy melons! I’ve always been slightly top heavy and to be honest, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my endowments.  They’ve gotten me many dates, marriage proposals and money so these melons have served me well. I’m not complaining about them at all, Just very surprised with my new look

I never new that at the age of 43,  I’d be going through a second puberty! So far with new bras, the backaches are manageable.  I’m not thinking of breast reduction yet. These jugs were bestowed upon me for a reason. I’ve meditated and manifested (I’m a witch for those of you who are unaware) for more cash, then literally a week later my boobs grew bigger.

How do I plan to use my larger assets?

For financial gain of course lol. Bras are expensive and these puppies have to help pay for themselves.