August 10, 2019

It’s almost the middle of August already and summer is almost over.  Where did the time go? I always feel a bit sad this time of year because the cold weather is around the corner and I’m not a fan of winter. This summer was so much fun. It’s as though I were on a natural high. I wish I could stay up in the clouds forever and never come down.  Maybe I wouldn’t ever need to come down (at least for a while ) if I had a regular home-based playmate. The plan is to work on that, make the DMV area my home as much as possible since I have to live here for a few more years.  I will choose to have more fun and amazing experiences so hopefully I won’t notice the awful cold weather that will be here shortly.

This upcoming week looks promising. I’m catching up with old friends and making some new ones, so I’ll be quite busy which is a good thing.

**Guys, don’t forget to submit your questions for the “Confessions Of A Size Queen”. It’s so much fun answering them and giving you some clues on how my mind works.  I’d also like to have a fun interview with a bull if he’s brave enough to do a podcast with me.

Fun In Atlantic City My Way

It’s amazing how a turn of events brings certain people into your life. Last month I went to the New Jersey shore to meet up with someone who I had an online relationship of sorts with for over six months. The visit went well but because he was busy with work on my second day on the island, I swiped right on a dating app and “Carlo” came right over had we had mind-blowing sex together, It so happened he ended up being a better fit for me. We clicked so much that we kept in contact, chatting almost every day.  I promised him that I would return for a visit in a month’s time and that I’d only be seeing him. To be honest, with his endless energy and an insatiable appetite for sex, he’s all I could handle during a trip. Heck, it’s been two days since my return home from Atlantic City and I’m still walking funny.

After my first time meeting him, he planned on visiting me in Maryland two weeks later, but he couldn’t get the time off work so we stuck to the original plan of me making a short two day trip to Atlantic City with him staying with me the for the trip’s duration. I thought to myself, I’m going to have fun and also get some pictures for my social media and my “Only Fans” page, mixing business and pleasure. To be honest, I wish I had a third day booked for the business side of things, but I otherwise thoroughly enjoyed my trip.  There was no gambling or any of the things that people are expected to do when one is staying in a hotel/casino.  In my view, it was seventy percent sex and thirty percent sightseeing and pictures.

The trip began with him picking me up at the bus station, a short ride later we arrived at the hotel and checked in immediately.  We went up to the room, dropped our bags. He turned on the tv, plopped down on the bed and gestured for me to snuggle with him to watch tv with him.  I thought to myself, he must be tired. I wasn’t disappointed because I slept very little the night before, had a long trip. I wouldn’t mind a short nap so I joined him. Within seconds, his hand was down my top and we were kissing. I thought to myself;” ok, I guess we’re having sex right now, “.  Next thing I knew, we were both naked and he was in me and bending my body for his pleasure like a pretzel. It stormed the first night on the trip so we stayed in the room, had room service and several rounds of sex.  We showered, chatted for a while and fell asleep.

I woke up the morning after staring at him sleeping next to me for a few minutes. He must have felt me staring at him because his eyes opened and he pulled me to him for a kiss, then he pushed my head under the covers for a morning blow job, which I was happy to give. We had more sex, then got showered up and dressed to go out for the day.  He offered to drive me around town to show me all the sights so I could get nice pictures so that’s what we did. Then returned to the hotel to relax.  Our room had such a nice view and we were on the twelfth floor, so I sat on the couch and peered out the window for a while with my camera, next thing I knew, I felt his hand up my dress, then fingers inside me.  So as you’ve guessed, I was distracted and didn’t get a lot of pictures.