Sex On Film

I’ve finally set up my clips4sale store! So far 11 clips are listed and I intend to create more.  This whole journey has taught me things about myself that I was totally unaware of.  The main things that I’m learning are that: I can perform sexual acts on camera , I prefer to film with a sexual partner over recording a solo clip, I can only have sex on film with someone that I’m into.

I’m a fairly sexually open person, but having sex on  film  scared the hell out of me in the past.  My main fear was not having complete control of my image. Everyone finding out that I get whiny during sex if it’s really good (strange I know) also scared me. Lastly, didn’t want the pressure of looking glamorous while getting down and dirty.

I now realize that I’ve been missing out on how sexy it is to have clips of an encounter for when my lover and I are away from each other.

The kind of recordings I’m into creating are of the kind of sex that I’m into.  There will be no “performing”, just a sneak peak into his  bedroom or wherever we decide to play.

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