Online dating Experiences As A Married Woman

Dating Experiences as a Married Woman 

Listing “married” on profiles increased men’s interest in me. Also,  being openly married on dating apps make my matches feel comfortable telling me if they have a partner.  Somehow these very bright men forget to uncheck the single category! The partners get mentioned during the first couple of messages after they feel comfortable with me usually.

Why I’ve chosen to blog about my experiences?

I’ve chosen to blog about my experience because I’m unable to list my wants and desires on my profiles without being censored.  Also, many apps will not allow me to list my physical preferences in my profiles or allow me to set my filters to more than five years younger than my age.

Because I have little to no control with the dating app filters, I’ve decided to write a blog and have it linked to my profiles and social media.

Dating Apps That Work Well For Me in My Area

The apps that work really well for me are: Tinder,  OkCupid and Kik (not a dating app but works like one for me). Most memorable men (at the moment): Shane, Carlo, Daddy, Latin Lover, and Tiny Tim  were found using all three listed on this page

Both Tinder and OkCupid allow social media and blog linking which I find to be very useful. Kik has many groups based on interests. If you are members of the right ones, finding like-minded people is fairly easy.

Dating Apps That Were Useless to Me


Unless the female matches with the guy and strikes up a conversation, matches are difficult to come by on Bumble. Imagine matching with several hundred guys and having to make the first move with all of them? Then somehow, direct them to my blog in the hopes that they will read it and see if we’re good for each other. For me, Bumble is a time suck.


AdultFriendFinder has the potential to improve. If they allow more filters for physical preferences and not overly censor their internal messages, that would be a start. On this site, you’ll find tons of free porn, camming,  and other adult fun.  But if one dares to specify what they are looking for in their profile or message responses, you might get kicked off the site with them holding on to your pics. I suspect that it’s something to do with the software that they use. Unless they fix the problem, I can’t be bothered trying them again.

Catfishing and misrepresentations on dating profiles are quite common on all listed sites. Please do your research and be safe. Lastly, the past several months have been like an amusement park ride (many ups and downs) almost nonstop adventure. Come along for the ride.

15 thoughts on “Online dating Experiences As A Married Woman

  1. I just found your blog very at the moment and checked a bit. I must admit, it is very interesting. I will certainly follow you on here also on instagram. You ve got a follwer from far land πŸ˜‰


  2. I’m new to your blog, but I’ve read and listened to about 90% of your experiences. I like what I’m hearing. I look forward to you sharing more experiences!


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