He Came and Went Very Quickly

Hubby had an overnight business trip, the son had a sleepover at his friend’s house.  I was bored and home alone. Usually, when that happens I try to take advantage of the situation.  I was in the mood to try someone new and was up for an adventure so I looked through my messages and decided to invite this guy over who I was chatting with for a few weeks. He wanted to do dinner and a romantic walk, I honestly didn’t want all of that.  I was just in the mood for snacks, maybe a couple of glasses of red and of course sex. I didn’t have high expectations and would prefer not to give up my entire evening in case the company was terrible.

Nate just so happened to have the evening free and was eager to come over to finally meet me.  He lived about forty minutes away and didn’t mind the drive plus he was bored. A little background on Nate, He’s a personal trainer with a very large social media presence and steers all conversation topics right back to fitness and nutrition.  I honestly don’t mind dating the gym rats and muscle heads, stamina is usually amazing and let’s be honest, I find muscles very sexy.

Anyhoo, after confirming that Nate was coming over, I began my nightly rituals. Showered, shaved legs/bikini area, lotion, perfume soft music and romantic lights in the bedroom. Slipped on my satin robe and slippers, sat on the couch with a glass of wine and waited for him to text me to open the door. Finally, he arrived, I opened the door.  He looks just as he always does in his videos and pictures online, so no surprises thank goodness. What did surprise me was how nervous he was when he hugged me. Nate was sweating and shaking like a leaf. I thought to myself, ” This evening is going to suck”.  I did my very best to calm him down, told him we didn’t have to do anything that he didn’t want to do. I Offered him a glass of wine and sat next to him on the couch.

After about half an hour or so, he finally relaxed and began to smile, his smile was so sexy I could resist kissing him so I kissed him to see how he would react. He was a bit clumsy kissing me back, not from nervousness but lack of skills. Too wet and too much tongue. Then he did something I’ve never seen before on a date. He picked up his phone and started scanning the mini bags of pretzels and peanuts and entering the nutritional information for the wine in his “MyFitnessPal” App. I couldn’t help but laugh.  I asked him the calories in pussy juice (I felt a bit naughty ). He laughed so hard, choking on the wine.

After I had him calm and relaxed, I motioned for him to follow me upstairs and he did.  We got hot and heavy kissing, my hand inside his sweatpants stroking and mentally admiring his cock, then within three minutes or so he orgasmed. He apologized repeatedly and swore that this was the first time that he came so quickly (I don’t believe him). He got dressed and kissed me goodnight, I finished off with porn and toys.


A Cuckhold With A Small Cock – Named Tim

A cuckold with a small cock named “Tim” is a gorgeous hunk of a man who practically lives in the gym.  He also has a wicked sense of humor to boot. One of the things that he often jokes about, is being a cuckold with a small cock.  I thought that he was just saying that to make me laugh at first, but then he sent me a ton of pics that showed that he actually was telling the truth. I’ve been chatting with him on the Kik app for a couple of months and would like to keep him as an online friend if he’d agree to that.

Why have I not made more of an effort to meet him?

First, his apartment looks filthy in pictures.  In addition to the messy place that Tim would like for me to have me visit, It’s over an hour by train to see him.  Lastly, he has a small penis and I’d rather not deal with that.  I could honestly overlook the messy apartment with a bathroom that probably hasn’t seen a mop and bucket in months. Also, I’m even willing to take the Amtrak train If I were certain that I’d have a good time, but I’m hesitant. That small cock of his isn’t appealing to me.

Tim Presented Me With References And An Offer To Sweeten The Deal

Tim knows his shortcomings (pun intended) and promises me that he is excellent at oral sex. He has even provided screenshots from text messages he had with other women in the past raving about his tongue. I’m honestly curious.  In all my years I’ve never had a man provide me with references proving his skills as a lover. In addition to offering his oral resume, Tim also presented me with an offer to sweeten the deal, his very hot friend who’s well endowed, but there was a catch.  He wants me to see both of them together in a three-way.  His friend would supply the much desired huge cock and Tim supplying the foreplay and oral. Being the cuckold with a small cock isn’t a new scenario for Tim. According to him, he’s been cucked in all of his relationships. I told him that I’d think about it and get back to him.

Should I give Tim a chance?


I thought about Tim’s Offer and decided not to meet with him.  Turns out that he wanted me to hook up with him without his friend first and I wasn’t interested in doing that. Also, Shane and others came into my life and I  simply became too busy.

*Updated with additional information.